Bruins Foundation

Bruins Foundation

Why BJU Bruins Athletics?

Athletics at BJU aren’t an end in themselves—they help accomplish BJU’s mission of building Christlike character.

Participation in intercollegiate sports helps students develop leadership skills and discipline, and BJU Bruins athletes seek to honor the Lord through spoken testimonies and by their conduct on and off the field.

Our athletics program also helps build unity among University students, faculty, alumni and friends.

Because athletics bring such value to BJU, we created the Bruins Foundation to make sure the athletics programs have the support they need. We want to see the benefits of athletics continue to enrich life at BJU for years to come.

How the Bruins Foundation helps

“The women’s soccer team has honestly been the best thing for me spiritually. The girls on the team have been there to push me to grow closer to Christ. Coach Carmichael has always emphasized putting God above soccer and everything else in our lives, which has made a huge impact on my life.”

—  Lauren Peek
BJU Women’s Soccer